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Agricultural tours brochure

Altagra Busines Services organizes agricultural trips
to Hungary for more than two decades

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Unser Wild, unser Wald, unsere Welt

Book about sustainable hunting for children (in German)

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Magazine for an international organization

It was published in print from 2000 to 2017 (3-4 issues per year), 2000 copies per issue and published digitally since 2017 (2 issues per year).

The design, typesetting and production and distribution coordination was my responsibility from September 2009 to July 2020.

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Pirate Boat Log – The Plastic Cup

The PLASTIC Cup contributes to the cleaning of the river Tisza by making waste picking, selection and recycling to an entertaining and inspirational activity. The PLASTIC Cup is a year-round event, whereby the month-long waste collection section is followed by a recycling chapter, where the participants build ships from waste
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International Women’s Club of Moscow

Leaflets for the Hungarian stand at the “Winter Bazaar 2011” – Charity Fair. They promote famous Hungarian products.