ex libris+

Ex libris is used as an inscription on a bookplate to show the name of the book's owner.
It’s from Latin, meaning "from the books (or library)".

OK, fine, we know that but what is +?
I have a strong affection to books. To paper. To printed text. I feel somehow sorry for old books getting dusty on shelves. At the same time I am grateful to internet and other digital products as they offer a great deal of possibility and freedom.

I’m searching a way to combine the beauty of old books and the possibilities of digital technics. I stumbled upon a copy of Volume I of an old Hungarian encyclopedia (Great Lexicon of Révai) printed in 1911. The pages were falling apart and out of curiosity I printed a birthday greeting I made for a friend on one of these pages. The birthday greeting was a letter E (the friend’s name is Edit), made of a few words as a word-cloud. It came to me that is looks like an old “Ex libris” but with a new, fresh spice added to it. Hence the name, "Ex libris+".

I went on exploring how different images and letters look like on these old printed paper. I got excited and decided to share my experiment with you and offer the possibility to create your own “Ex libris+” which I’m happy to make for you or for your friends. I also send a little gift (from nature at Lake Balaton) for each order.

Technical details

The pages are 160x240 mm, I use the pages of the original book from 1911 so each page is unique. They will fit nicely in an A4 (210x297mm) frame with passe-partout.

I offer the print always with a passe-partout, but you can order it with a frame too (white colour, A4 size) for extra costs.

I attach the print to a white cardboard paper and to the passe-partout (easy to remove if you want) and it’s protected by a plastic sleeve. They are shipped in a thick cardboard envelope.

Postage fees can be affected when ordering multiple products, especially when ordering with a frame, due to its weight and size. Please, contact me to agree on exact costs.

The photos are illustrations to demonstrate that using different frames and passe-partout changes the look and feel of this unique gift and make it even more special.


Price: 15 EUR (print + passe-partout), 20 EUR (print + passe-partout + white frame)
Shipping: to be discussed

How to order


Let me know if you’d like your word-cloud in a shape of 1 or 2 letters or of an image.

2. words

Send me the name(s) and words you’d like to see in the word-cloud. 4 or 5 words are enough, otherwise the letters will be small and difficult to read.

3. colours

Choose the lettertype and colour you’d like. Click on the image to view it in bigger size.

4. fonts

Choose the lettertype you’d like: Caslon Pro (left) or Helvetica (right).

4. e-mail

Please send me all these information along with your invoice and shipping address. My -mail address is: ertleraliz@yahoo.com

6. confirmation

I confirm the price and send you my bank details. Once the transfer has arrived, I start working on your order (please allow 1-2 working days) and I send you the proof of artwork before shipping. You can send me up to 2 edits but afterwards additional charges will apply. I want you to be happy with the design but changes can be timeconsuming. Thank you for taking this into account when ordering.